Damien Belle will be in court on Friday at 9am to face charges

that he killed his girlfriend’s one-year old daughter.


The plan to put restrooms at the Columbus Riverwalk is being

put on hold.


Christopher Gilliam heads to court today and is suspected to be

the tenth member of a burglary ring that targeted 26 homes last



A man charged with killing his mother-in-law and injuring

three others at Southern Union has been found guilty.


Authorities in Auburn continue to investigate a fatal three-car

accident that claimed the lives if 2 on Tuesday morning.




The SPHL playoffs begin tonight and the Cottonmouths will

take on the Peoria Rivermen.


Urban Santana allowed 2 runs in 3 innings in the braves 12 – 3

win over the Tigers in spring training.


The CSU baseball team is now in the top 25 in 3 national polls

and play Pensacola today.


The NFL has approved a measure that will speed up the instant

replay review process.


Ralph Wilson, who was a big part of the NFL/AFL merger, has