Severe Weather Alerts


Authorities say that they will not perform an autopsy on Auburn

High School Assistant Principal Robert Anthony Jeter who died

from a heart attack.


Starting today, the outbound lanes on I-185 exiting Ft. Benning

will be closed for a week.


The Holocaust Days of Remembrance Service will take place at

11AM today at the National Infantry Museum.


Zikarious Flint, who was shot by a CSU Police Officer on campus,

was laid to rest Sunday in Columbus.  


A LaGrange woman says she was attacked and robbed during an



Fifty teams of Rangers will gather this week to compete in the

annual David E. Grange Best Ranger Competition.




Kentucky and UConn will meet tonight in the NCAA Basketball

men’s championship game.


Notre Dame and UConn (both undefeated) will meet in the

NCAA women’s championship game.


Braves lose 2-1 to The Nationals but win the 3-game series 2-1

and go 4-2 on their road trip.


The Hawks routed the Pacers 107-88 in Indiana.


The Cottonmouths will play Pensacola in the SPHL Final.  Game

1 will be in Pensacola on Thursday.


The Nascar race was rained out.