Sheriff’s deputies are escorting Christian Grissom from

New York.  Authorities say he fled after he strangled

Keonte Davis.


Georgia’s unemployment rate has jumped four-tenths of a

percent to 7.8% in July.


Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson was in Columbus yesterday

speaking with military officials about the future of Ft. Benning.


Sheriff John Darrsaid that the Sheriff’s Office collected

more than 1,000 pound of expired pills.




Urban Santana won his 6th straight at Turner Field as the

Braves bear the Dodgers 3-2.  Santana’s ERA over that

streak is 2.70.


Pioneer Little League Softball beat Tallmadge, Ohio in the

third place game at the Little league World Series.


Tiger Woods has taken himself out of contention for a spot

on the U.S. Ryder Cup team.


The Falcons are in Texas practicing with the Texans ahead

of their preseason game this Saturday.