iPhone X

Apple announced the new iPhone X (10) yesterday and it is loaded with new features... and at least one staple is going away.

So long to the button... that means no more fingerprint ID. Facial recognition will now unlock your phone.

Swiping the phone from bottom to top will open multitasking. 

The missing button means a larger screen... from edge to edge top to bottom. 458 pixels per inch make up the new Super Retina resolution. 

The iPhone X cameras (front and back) will feature stabilization with the front camera adding portrait mode for better selfies. 

The new phone will be encased in glass and feature wireless Qi charging. (This feature isn't new to Samsung customers who have enjoyed it for a while.. it's a great upgrade). The phone is placed on a wired charging station but the actual phone doesn't need to be plugged into anything. 

The battery promises 2 more hours of life than the iPhone 7. 

iPhone X will be available for $999 in November with pre-orders coming in late October. 

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