James Corden Loves On Jeff Goldblum In Hilarious 'Thank U, Next' Parody

Sorry, Ariana Grande "Thank u, next" is out and "Thank u, Jeff" is in. 

Jeff Goldblum taught James Corden love, patience, and pain. So much so, he got the Late Late Show host singing "Thank u, Jeff." In a hilarious James-appreciation video, the comedian paid tribute to his "favorite guest" with a special ode to the Jurrasic World actor inspired by Ariana's hit "thank u, next."

James began the hilarious parody telling Jeff repeatedly, "Thank u, Jeff" before the video transitioned to James lying on his bed in silk pajamas with a Jeff "Love Book" of sorts. The pink-embellished scrapbook featured pictures of the 66-year-old actor throughout his career and special, heartfelt notes (written by James) alongside each photo. "First saw him in The Fly/ But his face was grotesque/ Then he won independence from an alien mass/ And in Thor Ragnarok, his performance was classic/ But who could forget the hot doctor that he played in Jurassic?" James sang ahead of his Winter Formal stage performance where he sang the song's chorus. "He’s our silver fox with black thick-rimmed glasses/ The way that he talks will charm off your a**es." James later exclaims, "I’m so frickin’ grateful for his pecks." Jeff even got in on the fun as he played the "cool mom" videotaping James dancing from the audience. 

One of the biggest fans of the parody is none other than Ariana Grande herself, as she tweeted her appreciation for "Thank u, Jeff" early Wednesday (December 6) morning. "omg...... may i please..... please for christmas have the thank u, jeff book? it’s for a friend. promise," she wrote.

Watch the hilarious video above!

Photo: Youtube/ Late Late Show