Iowa Woman Inspires New Slang for "I Don't Want to Talk About Politics"

We've all been subjected to discussions about awkward social issues against our will. Family outings can get ugly quickly if religion, politics, or college football comes up.

An Iowa woman has inspired a new expression to get yourself out of these discussions after she was forced to interrupt a campaign stop by a presidential hopeful. Her reason for the interruption: she needed ranch dressing.

Democratic hopeful Kristen Gillibrand was in a restaurant in Iowa talking with voters when her discussion was interrupted by a woman trying to pass by. When Gillibrand placed her hand on the woman to hear what she wanted to say or ask, the woman later identified as University of Iowa senior Hannah Kinney, explained that she was "just trying to get some ranch" as she blew past the crowd of people.

Kinney frequents the Airliner restaurant for bible study and says that the ranch dressing there is amazing.

Kinney says she meant no disrespect to Gillibrand, she just really wanted her dressing.

Hopefully this new catch phrase can inspire us all to let others know, with no disrespect intended, that we just don't want to talk politics right now.



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