Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Call Truce... Or Do They?

The friendly rivalry between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has let to some pretty funny moments but it's perhaps, in a truce, that the best moment comes.

Reynolds played a bizarro version of Deadpool in Hugh Jackman's X-Men Origins: Wolverine before playing the more traditional version of Deadpool in his own franchise.

Reynolds has used social media and press junkets to try to persuade Jackman to play Wolverine one more time and appear in his Deadpool franchise as a means of returning the favor.

Jackman has, so far, refused and says his days as Wolverine are done after closing out the story of Wolverine in Logan.

Now the two actors have collaborated on an ad campaign for the other's side project: Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee and Reynolds' Aviation Gin

The end result proves that the faux feud is far from over.



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