The Dirtiest Thing In Your Wallet Probably Isn't Cash

Most of us assume that the cash that we carry is pretty disgusting and covered with germs. You don't know where it's been on its journey. It's probably come in contact with food, sneezes, the floor... and don't get me started on the wild ride that a bill may have encountered if it's been in a strip club.

But, in spite of all of these things, there's something even more disgusting in your wallet: your credit card.

A new study that uses a hand-held germ scanner tested cash, coins and credit and debit cards and found that the cards received a higher germ score than the paper currency or coins.

Credit cards had a higher germ score than debit cards. Cash had a higher score than coins.

The magnetic stripe side of credit cards was the dirtier than the front.

It's probably no surprise that one hundred dollar bills were the cleanest tested while five dollar bills were the dirtiest.

See the full results from LEND EDU here

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