Fountain City Classic

GET READY FOR A WEEK OF CLASSIC MAGIC! Magic 101.3 & Hot 100 are helping FCC bring it in with a bang!!!

Thank you for your consideration to join us and the entire FCC Committee for the 30th Annual Fountain City Classic.


This annual match-up is sure to please every level of “fanatic fanship” with its robust week of effervescent FCC activities, dynamic halftime shows, vibrant vendor village and overflowing and energetic tailgating experience which is second to none in the nation. This is a must see experience which will draw you back to the Fountain City year after year.

Purchase your game tickets at any of our participating ticket outlets. Join the gathering this year by reserving your tailgating and vendor spaces on our website and then prepare yourself to be blown away by Classic Magic 30…..ain’t no stopping this party train once it leaves the station! It’s an experience you will NEVER forget. We guarantee it!!!