Muscogee County Schools to Close Through April 5

The following announcement was sent to Muscogee County parents on March 14 at 2pm:

MCSD Parents:

Our District is continuing to make preparations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. While there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our schools and community, we will proceed with an emergency closure, in light of the public health emergency declared by Governor Brian Kemp earlier today. The closure is effective March 16-April 5, 2020. Students should not report to schools or bus stops during this closure. The District will reevaluate options to resume its operations during this time of closure.

Although our sites will be physically inaccessible, we will continue student learning, as outlined in our Pandemic Plan, during this timeframe. Please note the following details related to this measure:

  • Teachers will deliver instruction through the designated digital and print resources under the direction of their school administrators. Your students were provided these items Friday, March 13. If your student was issued a digital device, please reference our District website for details regarding digital device usage and responsibilities.
  • Instructions related to student submission of work will be specifically outlined by each school’s administrative team.
  • School administrators will be on-site to make final preparations for closure Monday, March 16, 2020. During this time, parents/students can receive printed packets and other resources to prepare for closure.

Options to ensure meal availability for students during this closure are being explored. The Georgia Department of Education recently received approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for alternate meal services. We will notify you once we receive details regarding this information.

As we prepare to enact this measure, it is important that you review your student’s personal and emergency contact information to avoid any gaps in communication. I also encourage you to frequently check your emails, text messages, and other forms of frequently used communication from your school. Updates and notices will be delivered through our mass messaging systems.

Please keep our community in the forefront of your mind as we take additional steps to prioritize our students’ and employees’ health. We must work together to address this unprecedented level of pandemic for our nation and community. We encourage you to continue taking the necessary measures, as recommended by public health agencies, to keep you and your families safe. Thank you for your cooperation and consideration in this important matter.


David F. Lewis, Ed.D.,

Superintendent of Education

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