Columbus Mayor Relaxes Restrictions on City Playgrounds and Rec Fields

Today, Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson announced that restrictions on city playgrounds and recreational fields will be relaxed.

Playgrounds will be reopened. Recreational fields will also be reopened, but any organized activities must submit plans to ensure adherence to the Governor’s requirements for amateur sports to the Parks and Recreation Department and receive approval.

The Governor’s Order can be found on under Executive Action › Executive Orders.

Indoor facilities (including the natatorium) will remain closed for the time being.

The City will reevaluate the status of COVID-19 in Muscogee County on Tuesday, June 30th.

If you intend to use the fields and/or courts for an organized activity, please email an outline of your plans to observe the requirements set forth by the Governor’s Order of 06/11/2020 to Carson Revell with Parks and Recreation at

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