The Worst Things for Sale

We've all stumbled into the occasional product for sale online that made us scratch our heads and wonder if it's a real product.

Doing so has even inspired me to go looking for more ridiculous items.

Apparently I'm not alone. The site The Worst Things for Sale is an entire site dedicated items you can't believe you can actually buy.


Jazz CD for your cat? Yep. Orange cream scented Duck Tape? Yep. A hat for your pet ferret? They have that too.

Possibly the worst of the worst items for sale is a plastic "poop knife" that is intended to prevent clogs in your bathroom. Seriously.

We assume the poop knife (at least) and many of the others are all just for laughs but there's even a link in case you decided you need to buy the terrible items.

Check out the wares here

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