Georgia Authorities Issue Arrest Warrant For Suspect In Ohio Teen's Killing

Family members of an Ohio teen are demanding answers as Georgia authorities work to track down his alleged killer.

The Toledo teen was visiting Atlanta when he was fatally shot.

Stephon Middleton, 19, was believed to have been killed inside a vehicle and left on Custer Avenue, according to police.

As of Monday (April 19), the Atlanta Police Department has issued an arrest warrant for Darian Johnson, 19, who was apparently one of the victim's friends, Fox 5 Atlanta reports. Anyone with information on Johnson should call the police.

Laura Smith, Middleton’s cousin who adopted him and his brother and served as their mom, grappled with the news that Middleton wouldn’t come home.

She spoke with Fox 5 Atlanta about her son:

"They shot him, then threw him out of the car like he was trash…Just to know it was one of his friends who hurt him. One of his friends. I just want to know why.”

The Atlanta Police Department information number os 404-614-6544.

Photo: Getty Images