Dinosaur-Sized Chicken Statue On Track In Georgia City

Someday, a rural city in southern Georgia will have a dinosaur-sized chicken sculpture.

Officials hope the poultry-inspired statue will prompt tourists to flock to the City of Fitzgerald.

Plans first hatched in 2019, and although the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the project, construction of the 62-foot-tall chicken (taller than the tallest dinosaur, a 59-foot-tall Sauroposeidon) is back on track with artist "Topiary Joe," the Associated Press reported on Monday (May 31).

The Associated Press explains that the massive chicken will be a topiary, a structure that takes shape using living plants that grow from the frame. It’ll stand taller than the tallest dinosaur, and taller than the 56-foot-tall Big Chicken in Marietta once it’s finished.

Fitzgerald Mayor Jim Puckett recently spoke with WALB-TV about the massive chicken statue, noting that the timeline before it’s finished remains up in the air:

“This is not a model kit that you just snap together. No one’s ever built a 62-foot steel chicken before, so. He’s (Topiary Joe) having to come here, put things together, measure everything, go back to his shop in Tennessee, and start then. And so it’s been a work in progress, but I’ma tell you this is gonna be fantastic when it’s finished.”

Photo: Getty Images