11-Year-Old Boy Graduates College

He's too young to vote, he's a few years behind driving...he's too young to even think about ordering a beer. But that didn't stop this 11-year-old Florida boy from graduating from college.

William Maillis made college look easy as he walked across the stage at St. Petersburg College on July 21. He earned an Associate of Arts degree. 

Before Maillis turned five, he knew the alphabet in three different languages and he also knew algebra. When he was 5-years-old, he was declared a genius by an Ohio State University psychologist.

"Yes, I would like to go there for my bachelor's, and then after that, I would like to go to either the University of Florida or somewhere else for my, so I can get an astrophysics degree for my master's and doctorate," Maillis said. "Well I wanna prove to the world that God does exist through science."

In August, he will transfer to University of South Florida to pursue his dream of becoming an astrophysicist. 

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