Woman Escapes Sinkhole

A woman is counting her blessings after her SUV was swallowed by a sinkhole...and it's caught on camera.

Ashley Marisch's SUV was swallowed by an expanding sinkhole.

Authorities say if she didn't escape when she did, she may have not survived.

"I am feeling very overwhelmed and still in shock but most of all I feel blessed and am thankful that I had a guardian angel there to get me out of the car," Marisch said. " I hope he knows how grateful I am that he was there to help me."

An officer said that it's impossible to think about getting a person out of the sinkhole since the water was so high in the sinkhole.

 By the time authorities got to the car, it was already going under the fast rushing water. 

The sinkhole was caused by failed 6-foot-diameter concrete storm-water pipes.

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