Alabama Teen Gets Graduation Surprise From Coworkers


An Alabama teen got THE surprise of a lifetime when his coworkers threw a special high-school graduation ceremony for him.

J-D Pope's graduation nightmare became a reality in May when his car broke down on the way to his school's ceremony. 

When he arrived to the graduation, he wasn't allowed inside. 

"That's all I looked for all my life was graduation and I didn't get to walk across the stage like everybody else. I didn't get to experience it like everybody else," Pope said.

He works at America's Thrift Store in Rainbow City; his coworkers say they felt responsible for Pope missing his graduation because he worked a shift prior to his bad luck.

The CEO of America's Thrift Store said that he wishes Pope said something to someone that day because they would not have made him stay until the end of his shift. 

His Thursday shift turned into a life changing event - he now has a diploma AND a new car that won't break down!



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