Wild Brawl At A Middle School Basketball Game

I've done basketball play-by-play for 42 years, and thankfully this has not happened at any of those games. Most of my games have been college games, with a few high school games over the years. Note to self.....if I ever do a middle school game in New Jersey...wear a hard hat.


New Jersey-   Police have released surveillance camera footage that captured a brawl between players and fans at a middle school basketball game in New Jersey. 

In the video, a woman can be seen confronting a group of fans from the opposing team when fists began to fly. As the fans exchanged punches, the players left the court and joined the melee in the stands. 

As the brawl continued on, a fan handed a young child to one of the players on the court before running in to join the fight. 

The game was canceled by officials.

Scott Miller

Scott Miller

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