Toddler Shreds Full Envelop Of Money

Kids... We love them no matter what they do, right?

Sometimes they do the darnedest things and in this case, a toddler shreds a full envelop of his parent's cash.

Ben Belnap is a huge "Utah Utes" football fan and his parents surprised Ben and his wife with season tickets... and of course, they wanted to pay his parents back.

The Belnaps save the money, put it in an envelop and they were preparing to give it to them in person...until they couldn't find the envelop.

Jackie, Ben's wife, realized her son, Leo, had shredded the money...totaling more than $1,000. 

No worries though, they could get it all back through a government department dedicated to mutilated money.

Photo: NBC News



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