The Future Has Finally Arrived

Back to the Future wasn't too far off when Marty McFly had the Nikes that laced themselves....

The new sneakers are called the "Adapt BB" with a lacing system technology called fit-adapt.

Nike says the shoes are designed to provide a truly customized fit for every basketball player.

How do you control the laces? Manually... You push a button on the shoe or with a smartphone app.

Additionally the laces can withstand 32 pounds of force roughly equal to that of a standard parachute cord.

Players have the ability to input different fit settings, for example, loosening the shoe during a time-out.

The Adapt BB's will be available February 17 at 10 A.M. for 350-dollars.

However, they can pre-ordered now.

Self-Lace Shoes
Nike New Self-Lace Shoes


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