Survey Names World's Cleanest Airline

A crying baby or a chatty neighbor can ruin your flight as fast as a dirty napkin in your seat pocket or going into a tiny, filthy bathroom...

A new survey conducted by Sky-Trax revealed what airlines passengers rated the cleanest.

And the winner is... Japan's All Nippon Airlines.

The Japanese Airline leads a pack dominated by carriers from Asia.

In fact, airlines from the continent took the top six spots!

Taiwan's Eva Air and South Korea's Asiana Airlines followed with second and third.

The U.S. didn't do so well.

The cleanest airline ranked from North America is Air Canada.

No domestic airline was listed in the top 30.

And here's a nasty fact... the dirtiest part of any airplane is usually the tray table... right where you eat your packaged peanuts... GROSS!

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